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Buying a home can be stressful regardless of the number of times you've been through the process. It’s our aim at STW to make this process as stress free as possible as well as keeping costs as low as possible by offering our fixed price conveyancing service at $1350* INC GST.

conveyancing2As conveyancing involves the transfer of legal title of real property from one party to another it’s imperative that the appropriate searches are thoroughly conducted. Due to the number of searches required to ensure clear title a typical conveyancing usually takes 4 to 6 weeks.
There are two major stages to a conveyancing transaction which are the exchange of contracts and settlement.
It is a legal requirement that contracts for sale of land be in writing. Two copies of the contract are prepared and signed by each party. This is the “exchange” part of the process.
As it is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure they obtain a good and clear title to the land – i.e. that the seller is the actual owner and has the right to sell the property.
Our conveyancers conduct a number of searches to ensure the buyer secures title to the land together with all the rights that go with the land and notify you of any restrictions prior to your purchase.

There are a number of searches and processes conducted by our office; these include:
• check for any encumbrances and restrictions on the property
• ensuring special conditions mentioned in the contract are met
• making sure rates, land tax and water consumption charges are paid by the appropriate party
• arranging for the payment of fees and charges and government duties
• preparation of appropriate legal documents
• for the buyer, liaising with the financiers of the purchaser to satisfy their requirements before settlement
• for the seller, liaising with the financiers of the vendor to arrange settlement and obtain discharge of mortgages on the title
• arranging and attending final settlement.

Depending on the circumstances, and jurisdiction of each conveyancing we may also need to complete:
• registered plan search or building units/group titles plan search
• company search
• contaminated land search
• council property search
• full council inspection of records search
• land tax search
• main roads search.

As we have three levels of government (federal, state and local), we must ensure that the seller is entitled to all rights and title on the property.
Requirements, searches and costs can vary depending on local property legislation and regulations. In addition to our fixed price of $1350 inc GST we will pass along any government registration fee and PEXA settlement fee at cost.
Once we have ascertained clear title your contract can proceed to settlement.

Client Testimonials

Gary Lee

Very impressed with Smyth Turner Wall.
Principal ,Graham Wall handled my late mother’s estate with compassion and dignity.
A very professional effort by all concerned .
We have also bought a couple of residential properties over the past few years and have found that the Conveyancing was handled professionally, Megan Rees was very helpful and cooperative . They even recommended First Title Insurance, something we were never aware of. First class effort Smyth Turner Wall.

Toby Debman

Graham Wall recently represented us in court and we were very impressed at his knowledge, presentation and the respect he has in the courtroom. Thanks again Graham - an excellent result!


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